About Us


The Marine Guardian has its course set on being the leader of tracking and monitoring devices for vessels of all sizes. Our team has released the most bang for your buck product on the market. In this one device, we are offering capabilities to track, monitor and even turn off your boat, anywhere, anytime!


Our engineers have over 80 years of combined experience in tracking and monitoring devices for the automotive industry. We are now offering the same product to the marine industry – only better.


Additionally, our team is currently working on upgrades for The Marine Guardian, to provide even more functionality to our customers, such as: On/Off switches, infrared sensors/alerts, and many others.


The Marine Guardian identified a need in the satellite tracking device industry and developed a way to provide a more affordable product, with better accuracy.


How, you ask? Our product was developed to work on 4G and satellite communication. So, in the event you lose connection with 4G, the satellite will pick it up and vice-versa.


While most of the competitors provide 5-10 minute breadcrumbs, (or just not at all!), our technology leads the industry with an incredible 2-minute breadcrumb. This means we drop a pin every 2 minutes as you take a trip, providing real-time tracking and statistics.


If your boat is under a bridge, out in open waters, or on a truck going down the highway – WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

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