Why should I purchase The Marine Guardian instead of another brand?

Unlike our competitors, our devices use both GPS and cell phone tracking technology to locate the boat. In extreme weather conditions, there will be times when our competitor’s device is completely hidden from GPS satellites. Dense foliage, urban environments, canyons, underground garages and indoors will render most competitor’s device completely useless.

What do I do if my boat is stolen?

First contact the police and report the boat as stolen. The Marine Guardian has the ability to disable the vessel by cutting off the ignition supply. However, before initializing this method, it is advisable to contact the local police department and coordinate with them, allowing the police to locate the boat utilizing the location provided by our service. Then and only then should this feature be used to shut down the boat.

How much will GPS tracking cost?

The Marine Guardian offers unlimited tracking and has the lowest fixed yearly service plans to track your boat, priced at only $540.00 per year with additional discounts available for multiyear prepaid service plans.

Are there monthly service fees?

No. There are no hidden service fees with The Marine Guardian.

Do I have to have a cell phone or purchase cell service as well.

No, The Marine Guardian tracking system provides a complete service including the GPS tracker, software and network connectivity to the tracker. All you need is access to a PC or cell phone to track your vessel.

Do insurance providers offer discounts for boats using these types of devices?

Yes, insurance companies see the value in recovering a stolen boat quickly and undamaged. Many insurers are willing to encourage their customers to install an engine kill switch. Oftentimes, these discounts amount to as much as a 30% discount off the standard comprehensive insurance rate. Sometimes the discounts from insurance providers will exceed the actual costs of the device, making the decision to purchase one of the easiest you will ever have to make.

Can I install The Marine Guardian device and track my drivers without them knowing?

Once the device is installed it is undetectable.

Where do I go for installation?

We prefer you use a local marine yard to do your install, but it is not that hard to install if you have any mechanical experience. Go to our Youtube page and watch the “How to Install” page.

How often does The Marine Guardian system locate my boat?

Our reporting is configured to track and document your vessel’s location every 2 minutes while it is in motion.

What happens if my boat goes out of cellular range? Will it still track?

Yes, your boat is tracked with GPS and cell telemetry technology; we use cellular service to report our findings to you. When your vehicle is out of a cell coverage area, the tracked locations are saved in memory and reported as soon as your boat returns to the cellular coverage zone. To ensure the best possible coverage at all times, The Marine Guardian has chosen to work exclusively with Verizon’s 4G LTE, the largest cell coverage in North America.

Are there times when my boat cannot be tracked?

Under normal operating conditions, the device will use both GPS and cell phone technology to track your vessel, giving you a precise location anytime, anywhere. In the unlikely event that you are in an area that is not covered by any cell carrier and that extreme weather conditions exist, the device may, for a short period of time, be unable to provide an accurate location. Unlike our competitors, our device uses both GPS and cell phone technology to locate the boat. In extreme weather conditions, there will be times when our competitor’s device is completely hidden from GPS satellites. Dense foliage, urban environments, canyons, underground garages and indoors will render many of our competitor’s device completely useless.

What is a Zone?

You can set a zone as small as your house or as large as you prefer where the boat is allowed to operate. As soon as the boat enters or exits that boundary, you will receive an immediate alert sent to your hand-held device or computer.

How accurate are the speed and zone alerts?

Extremely accurate. The device reports its location every 2 minutes while in motion. The speed of the boat or the breech of the zone (entering or exiting) will be recorded at the moment of the report and instantly relayed to the recipient’s e-mail.

How many zones are supported?

You can have an unlimited number of zones for each GPS boat tracking device. Each zone is four sided and centered around an area that you specify. You can edit, delete or change your zone locations at any time.

How many alert recipients are supported?

You can have unlimited alert recipients for each device. A recipient may be either an email address or a cell phone number. If a recipient is a cell phone, then the message will be delivered as a text message.

What type of mapping does The Marine Guardian use?

We use Google Maps. Our views include: Map View, Hybrid, Satellite, Photographic Aerial View, Photographic Birds Eye View, Street View (where available).

What information is transmitted by The Marine Guardian unit?

Each report consists of the following information; Date, Time, Location, Address, City, Latitude, and Longitude.

What is involved in maintaining the system?

There is no maintenance required. Once The Marine Guardian tracking device is installed, you are on your way to increased efficiency and productivity.

Does the unit come with a Guarantee?

Yes, we give you a two year full replacement guarantee.

Is The Marine Guardian waterproof?

Yes, all of our Marine cases are in a completely waterproof case.

If the wires are cut connecting the tracker to the power supply, will the tracker keep tracking its location?

Yes, all our devices come with a battery backup. So, even if the power to the unit is cut, our device will still report its location.

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