The Marine Guardian’s Boat Security System Thwarts Robbery Attempt

Today there is a new entry into the ­security and vessel-tracking segment of the ­market from Marine Guardian. It offers a ­similar list of products such as beam sensors, bilge alarms, and monitoring services in its product line, plus it is all owned and produced in the United States. Marine Guardian offers three tiers of systems, which include its TMG Tracker, TMG 1.0 and TMG 2.0, respectively. The TMG Tracker is entry-level but is sufficient to qualify for insurance discount purposes. TMG’s alarm activates as soon as there is movement of the vessel rather than using geofencing, which can have a large ­minimum range before alarm activation.

Marine Guardian offers both cellular and satellite GPS tracking as well because it is also an Iridium satellite-network ­partner. I liken its product line to when you choose to purchase a new car rather than an older one: The general features might all be the same, but some of the technology on the ­new model is simply too good to pass up. Examples include the Marine Guardian app for Android and iPhone, as well as desktop applications, which allow the owner to monitor alarm functions remotely as well as control the operation of things such as bilge pumps directly through the app.

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